key command changed...

Hello all,

I have a very long running radio & TV campaign that I just add tags to.
I always use “control 1” to set the left locator & “control 2” to set the right locator & do a re- record onto 2 tracks to do a final mix to send to the client. But for some reason, it no longer works.

The commands work fine in other projects, but not this one. It’s got me stuffed.
I’ve reassigned them to different keys but still no change.

Whenever I go to my first marker & hit Control 1, the left locator in the panel has that time. When I go to the next marker & hit control 2, the same time value appears in left & right locator.

It seems to be marker related.
I can click anywhere & use the control * commands fine. But if I go to markers, it will not work.

Any clues where to look please ?



This is happening in older projects.
The minute I hit next marker, the system FORGETS where the left locator is supposed to be.
In other words the left locator seems to FOLLOW the markers.

This is going to be a major problem for my next studio record.

Anyone else having marker/ record in point problems ??

I did not fully understand what you are doing exactly, but just a wild guess:
Do you have activated the option “Cycle follows when locating to Markers” ?
You can set this in the settings of the marker window (Project/Markers -> the button on the bottom with the little gear wheel icon)

Considering you didn’t understand my explanation, YOU"VE NAILED IT !!!

Thank you Bodo.
Life is good again.

(do I really wanna know how I turned that on in the first place ???)