Key command contexts

Assigning Num Pad ‘.’ (period) key to “Dotted Notes” gives a warning about it being used in the global context. However in the web page ‘Print’ of key commands shows it not being used, and nothing appears to happen when using it. Small confusion …

Broader question is I’m curious about the contexts, the print web page of commands shows us the layering/context system - same as is used in some IDE’s and other applications, but we don’t get access to it when assigning keys. When we assign keys then does it automagically figure out the right context from what it is being bound to?

In the warning I got above it says “A sub context will be created for it” - what does that mean? That basically it’s still in the global context (can be used everywhere Dotted Notes is available), but it’s just in a sandbox of some form?

The . key on the keypad is assigned to a command to move the playhead to the start of the flow, like the similar function in Cubase. That command is in the global context.

Really the shortcut contexts are an implementation detail, and it’s a slightly leaky one that shouldn’t ideally be shown to you as a user. The general gist of it is that there are different contexts for the different project window modes, and a couple of other specific situations, like during note input or when the text editor is active.

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Yeah, I was thinking it was internal thing that maybe shouldn’t be shown, better would be to replace it with text showing you what the command is that you’re overriding, so you can judge whether to do it or not.

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