Key command doesn't "close" channel editor

I’ve programmed a key command to open/close the channel editor and although it opens the window, it doesn’t close it.

the default is ‘e’ and it opens and closes properly for me.

for me E was default to selection tool. i’ve changed it to open/close channel settings and it works OK.

The number 1 has been the default for the select tool for a long , long, long time IIRC. You must have changed it yourself at some point and C7 is just using your settings.

Weird, I can open it (I use the “e” key as well) but it doesn’t close the editor…

that is really odd. No clue.

Could it be a focus issue? Like, always on top, or clicking a different window. Maybe try changing the state ot the AOT back and forth to see it it changes the outcome?

I don’t think so, I can click the mixer into focus and still close a channel with the e.

OK, I’ve found a workaround. Using a generic remote command “command/mixer/Settings: open/close selected” works fine in Cubase 6.54 to open/close the channel editor but (for me anyway) will only open the channel editor, not close it. The workaround is to make a macro using “edit/edit channel settings” and then triggering the macro from a keystroke.