Key Command for "Activate Project"

I’m trying to use Cubase in a live performance setting. My plan is to load up several projects (songs) and then highlight the next song via the “Window” pull down menu and then activate. I’d like to shorten the steps if possible so I can load the next Project as quickly as possible. Right now I have to move the mouse into position and click on the “Activate Project” button in the upper left corner, is there ANYWAY to create a Key Command for “Activate Project” or am I going to have to make a Macro? I’ve looked all through the “key command” settings and I didn’t see anything but I thought I’d check here in case I was just over looking it.


There is no KC for activate project.

And therefore, you can not create a macro.

Mouse movement it is. Sorry…


Depending on how many voices/ tracks you have per project and what your sound sources are if using soft or hard synths … why not just put all the songs in the same project? Different MIDI and audio files can share the same track … or not.

Just use the markers feature to navigate from one song to the next along the project time line. You can also use program change messages to change synth voices as necessary.

You only have to set up your effects and routing once … maybe you use different ones on different songs.

One track to rule them all!