Key Command for 'Add Track Using Preset'

I see that Avid’s EUCon manages to expose ‘Add Track Using Track Preset…’ as a Key Command, yet it doesn’t exist as a standard Key Command. How come they can access this feature, yet I would have to create a key combination to access it?

In fact the list of available EUCon commands exposes a whole lot of other Cubase functions that I can’t have access to without having to first create a custom key combo.

How is this being done? It would be useful for me to be able to access such ‘hidden’ features from my Stream Deck without having to first commit a key combo to them.


The command is available even if you don’t assign custom Key Command. I believe Eucon is using Steinberg Development Kit (SDK) to access the commands. These commands (i.e. all Commands) are also available via MIDI Remote API.

Thank you for that information, Martin. I need to look at how to access these APIs via Stream Deck…


You can access it via MIDI data sent from the Stream Deck.

Can you please point me to documentation/examples? I can create the MIDI commands no problem, but what to send?


You can add a new MIDI Remote Device in the MIDI Remote > Add MIDI Controller Surface. Then you can create a virtual buttons/sliders/encoders in the MIDI Controller Surface Editor. You can assign any MIDI Message (you can also use Learn function), so it doesn’t matter, what kind of MIDI Message do you send from the Stream Deck device. As the next step, you can assign the functions in the MIDI Remote Mapping Assistant.

There already might by a Stream Deck script available here on the forum. Please, search for it.

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Thank you so much for this. Yes, I’ve created a few Controller maps myself already, so this is familiar.

The reason I aked this is because I already have the Cubase plug-in on my Stream Deck and it does not include ‘Add Track Using Track Preset…’.

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