Key Command for Adding Meters

Hi, I’m looking to have various key commands to add meters at the cursor. So, one key command for 3/4 and another for 2/4 and yet another for 4/4 and so on…

Is this doable?

I don’t think there’s a way to change the meter (time signature) that’s inserted, it always appears as 4/4 and you have to edit it. However, maybe you could try a clipboard manager which may enable you to paste in different values with different key strokes???


Actually, I think cut/paste may be of help here. For example you could quickly select a 3/4 from elsewhere in the project then Ctrl-C and then Ctrl-P to paste at the cursor, then quickly select a 4/4, relocate the cursor, Ctrl-C/V etc.

This can even be wrapped up in a macro or 3 with the project logical editor automatically select 3/4 or 4/4 or whatever - you could then assign shortcut keys to the macros.

But, there’s a problem because when you paste a time-signature Cubase often pastes an extra one, and I think this is probably a bug because it pastes two time sigs in exactly the same position. This odd behaviour makes the cut/paste idea a bit more of a pain to use because you have to delete the extra unwanted time signature!

More specifically, the ‘bug’ seems to be that Cubase doesn’t want to actually change the time signature when pasting, so it pastes in the new one then adds another in on the same bar, being the time-signature of the previous bar - thus the time signature doesn’t really change!

However if you drag and drop then it works perfectly as expected, so why not just use drag and drop instead :slight_smile:


Hi GargoyleStudio, thanks for the response but unfortunately it wasn’t very helpful. The whole point of my post (and my general work ethic) is to use the mouse as little as possible. But I appreciate your thought process of trying to figure out a work around. =)

Anyone else know how to do it with either keyboard maestro or the Logical Editor?


By Default Shift+C is Enter Time Signature command. But this command changes the last signature before the Cursor (Playhead).

I’m afraid, there is no way, how to insert a Time Signature event via shortcut.