Key Command for adding plugin to insert?

Hi all,

Been trying to find a way to add a plugin to an insert with a key command, is this possible?
This would be so much quicker then clicking, scrolling, selecting etc.

What I want…
Assign certain key commands to plugins and then be able to open them in the insert of choice with a key stroke.
Scrolling through the list of plug ins is getting old fast.
I’ve already used the plugin info window to hide the plugs I don’t use and I already have them sorted by manufacturer, that seemed to help a little.

Go to go, client is here.


I haven’t found that this is possible, but what I do is open the input bus channels view and insert my most used plugins in the 1st and 2nd input channels shut them off and just drag them to the channel insert i want them in the audio channel pane.

I have a question;

is it possible to navigate through menus etc using the keyboard to instantiate plugins? So if you have a track selected are there any menu options to select a plugin, or do you have to use the mouse to select/click the insert slot? If it’s possible to go through menus to get to the plugin then I suppose an alternative would be programmable keyboards with macros.

Thanks for chiming in guys…

Woodcrest, I do a very similar thing. I also have channel presets saved for starting off points.
Maybe someday we will be able to click on an insert while holding a shortcut key and walla, up pops our plugin.