Key Command for Arranger Track Editor?


Question. Is there key command to bring up the Arranger Track Editor. I can’t find it if it exists.

Is there any way to invoke the Arranger Track Editor by macro or by Key Command?

(It would be good if Markers Editor and Arranger Track Editor had buttons on the Editors tab of the lower 3rd).

1- same as “Edit Channel Settings”, that command also invokes the editor.

2- You don’t invoke the Arranger, you activate it, with the toggling key command Arranger>Activate.

Thanks Steve, but I don’t think I made my question clear. I have a Key Command (I use Ctrl+R) assigned to Activate the Arranger Track and sometimes use the On/Off button on the “old” F2 transport control. That part is fine. I use it all the time, Activating is not the problem.

I want to open the Arranger Editor without having to select the Arranger Track. None of the key command options under “Arranger” include Open Arranger Track Editor. Preferences under “Editors” include many Cubase editors, but not the Arranger Editor (also not present are the editors for – Markers, Tempo, Signature).

I hope that makes it clearer.