Key command for changing name or description?

Hi forum,

is there a key command for changing the name or description of a selected audio track.
I have a large foley session coming up in the studio and I have the habbit of naming the clips while recording. I know I can click in the description or name field in the info line, but a key command would be even better…



I can check it tomorrow. Try to check it yourself by using search field in the Keycommands dialogue. :wink:

Btw if you need to batch rename tracks, I have good experience with Project Logical Editor.


I check the Key Commands. It looks, there is no command for rename the track. You can just “Rename and Renumber Audiotracks”, which make Audio 01, Audio 2, Audio 03 etc, from all audio tracks with different names. There is “Parts Get Track Names”, and other commands. But there is no Key command for changing the track name.

You can do this using Edit / Rename. You can assign a key command to this in File / Key Commands. In the rename dialogue, you can choose free text to enter a name for tracks or events.

There is no “Rename” item in the Edit menu. There is no “Rename” item in any menu of Cubase.

Same as, there is no “Rename” item in the Edit folder of the Key Commands.

Can you be more precise, please?

Martin, This is not the Cubase forum! This is the Nuendo forum. We are talking about Nuendo here! and in Nuendo there is a Rename function.

Oh, I’m very sorry! Next one reason, why to upgrade to Nuendo. :smiley:


How come you can post here at the Nuendo forums?
You should only be able to post here if you have a registered Nuendo license.
Old version?