Key Command for Channel Lock L/R

Nuage offers “Channel Lock” from the console. So, I assumed that there was a key command for that feature. But apparently, it’'s specific to Nuage hardware only, which makes no sense to me. Why can’t we have a KC that allows those of us who don’t own Nuage the ability to do Channel Lock from our controllers (MC Pro, id, Artist Series, Nucleus, etc.)?

So, I would very much like a KC for this function offered in Nuendo 7. :wink:

do you mean ‘lock/unlock track’, as found under the ‘edit’ submenu of the keycommands list (assigned to ‘k’ by default i believe)?

No, I’m talking about the Channel Lock left or right of the mixer, found in the Zones window. I need the KC for that. I’ve been asking people for weeks , finally posted a thread asking and was finally told that there wasn’t a key command. It was Nuage specific.