key command for curved fade in

Hi, I’m on cubase 8.5. I will update soon, hence why the question here. Is there a key command to allow a selected curved fade in to be applied to an audio event?

And will there ever be a drag point (see gif) to allow us to adjust the curves without having to open the fade settings.


Not that I’m aware of, but I belive that option box is due a update to bezier curves as it was part of a survey recently and it “may” get an overhal next year when v11 appears. Apart from a graphics overhaul its pretty much as it was in 8.5 in 10.5.
There is an option to set a key command for open the Fade editor box, set a fade in and out to cursor but not one currently to select the curve.

Poo. Ok, cheers anyway. Really hope this gets looked at. It’s rather clunky at the moment.