Key command for double sharps/flats?

Having searched, it seems that there is no single keystroke that one can use to input a note as a double sharp (or double flat) – is that true?

Would the fastest way of inputting a double sharp note via MIDI keyboard be to simply play the pitch and follow that up with [alt±]?


If you’re in the right key to start with, then you’ll get double sharps when playing with a MIDI keyboard, if you play an upward scale with notes out-of-key; and double flats on the way down, as with sharps and flats in less remote keys.

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Many thanks, benwiggy!

Here’s a scale on the white notes, in Z# major.

Actually, double flats here would be weird. I’d be surprised if there wasn’t another method, though.

Incredible! Bravo, Dorico!