Key command for Edit-->remove rest(s)

Aside from navigating to Edit / remove rest(s), or activating Insert and hitting delete, is there no other way of quickly deleting individual rests within the middle of a phrase? No key command?


You can (and should) assign a keyboard command for Edit > Remove Rests from Preferences > Key Commands.

Many thanks, pianoleo!
BTW: do you guys ever get some rest? :wink:

No. I used Edit > Remove Rests so I’m permanently awake :wink:


Sounds like a VERY useful feature!

Hard to find vacant real estate there. . .

You’d be surprised - I have well over 100 custom shortcuts. They’re not necessarily all memorable. If you’re on Mac, note that the Ctrl key is used for virtually nothing by default. Note that the number keypad can react differently to the top row number keys (assuming you have a number keypad). Note that some commands are mode-specific so you can assign the same key combination to multiple commands.

thanks, pianoleo. Would using the “backtick” – " ` " (just below the " ~ ") get me into trouble?
(I’m trying to find a single keystroke for remove rest(s) – otherwise, I may as well use “I” and Delete)

On my keyboard that’s the Hide Invisibles (instant print preview) button. These things are really dependent on your keyboard layout and operating system.

I had no idea keyboards were so variable. I’m on Windows 7, and I don’t recall ever having used that " ` " before. I see that it’s used in PhP programming, but Dorico is hard enough :wink:.