Key command for focus

Hi im trying to setup a controller , is there a command for setting the white boarder focus to move forward or backwards .
I’ve tried a couple of focus settings and they seem to change the focus of individual plugins/channel strip ect . not the full section ?

would be nice though

oohhhhh , ouch , ohh well , worth a try .
Would make sense for when your using controllers that have controls on both the project and mixers pages instead of having to click the mouse to concentrate the focus first .
Im, sure this has been discussed to death .

Cheers anyway

A lot of folks use Auto Hot Key to get around this limitation. Not me (yet), although I probably should.

As far as I know, just the Windows ctr+tab to move forwards and eventually cycle through Cubase windows.

And of course there is a key command to focus Cubase Project page no matter what Cubase window is currently focused…thank goodness!

It would be nice to have a key command to bring focus to the lower pane like that one for the project pane.