Key command for hiding time signatures

Do I have to edit the JSON file to be able to do this?

No, just press H! Err, I think it’s native… now I don’t remember…

Edit: no, it’s custom. “Edit.ToggleHideEvent” assigned to global.

I’m afraid I can’t get it to work. I tried to add it just below the Edit.ToggleAccidentalVisibility command I’d added (in global) but it didn’t help. What should be the exact wording of the command?

“Edit.ToggleHideEvent” : [ “H” ]

I’ve tried exactly that and practically every other permutation of it I can imagine, also with different key combinations (by itself, H just toggles between the Marquee Tool and the Hand Tool) but nothing actually hides key signatures. What am I missing?

I think somehow you need to cancel the native H behavior. Otherwise it takes precedence over the new shortcut.

Ah, you’re right Marc… I removed that one long ago and totally forgot!

Dan, can you look inside your json file for DELETE:H, so that you can share the code line with Vaughan ?

I’m not in front of my computer right now, but I just searched for “hand” and deleted that command in Key Commands.

Ah, it’s not in the user keycommands JSON but the one imbedded in the Dorico program. I was a bit reticent to futz with that file, but it now works. Thanks to both of you! What will happen after the next Dorico update? Will I have to repeat the removal of the code in the imbedded JSON file?

No, that file should port over.

And that doesn’t sound right… The file I edited was indeed a user file, not a program file.

This is why I suppose you have a line code with DELETE:H so that the H (without shift) is free for another shortcut!

DELETE:H is nowhere inside my user file, in fact, the shortcut H only appears in the program keycommands file.

Again, you don’t need to edit any JSON file to remove H. Do that natively in Dorico, in Key Commands. Then the custom JSON for hiding time signatures should work. That’s precisely what I did.

Thanks, Dan. I’ll remember that for the next Dorico update which will probably return my in-application JSON to its default state. For now, my shortcut works.