Key command for importing media from Mediabay?


I’m trying to find a keycommand that will just import the selected file(s) in Media Bay into the pool…so far I haven’t found a keycommand for it yet, and ‘import medium’ doesn’t seem to do anything…any ideas?




There is no KC by default. Look in the MEDIA section of the KC list to find what you are looking for. Not at my machine right now but the equivilent of “spot to track” is available as key/eucon and I believe midi also. There are other useful commands there too.

Thanks Kid,

Yeah, I’ve looked at the keycommands and the one I’m looking for isn’t there…I don’t want to spot to track just import into the pool…so just a simple button press to achieve that:)

I’m a bit confused I have to admit.

How are you importing the file into the pool now, without using a key command?

Erm…by dragging the audio file from the media bay into the pool? :slight_smile:

I was wondering because to me it seems there is no way of “hitting a button” or “choosing from a menu” to get it done, which then explains why there wouldn’t be a key command.

It would be convenient though.

I would love this feature too. Maybe a “import to selected track” key command option? That and some way to quickly switch from the tree view to the folder view so I don’t have to click with the mouse as much. Maybe like when you press TAB when working with Variaudio and it switches modes? Or if there’s a way to do this already in Mediabay, please let me know.