key command for mono...

is there a key command for switching to mono monitoring?
if not, how do i set that up?

Simply look it up and tell us

If there is none, you can’ t set anything up…

well, i found a way to switch over to mono, in the control room, but i don´t know if there is any key command for it, or if it´s possible to set it up!?
i started using cubase 7 today, so i´m a noobie and i was just hoping that someone else had already done it and have the answer!
i had already looked for it and failed when i wrote this topic!

If you looked in the key commands dialog and it wasn’t there, it isn’t there. But it could be hiding. (shhh. Check out downmix presets.)

And really, take your time and look through the key commands carefully and puzzle out the ones that don’t make sense. It is the single fastest way to learn the program.