Key command for moving event while holding place in time?

Ever since 6.5 came out this has been a huge annoyance. It used to be that you could ctr click and drag, and it was fairly easy. Now when you do that, the audition tool comes up and plays the event.

You can still click and drag as before if you click and hold, then press ctr, but sometimes it then open up the sample editor when you click and hold.

All in all, a significant annoyance.

It would be really cool if you could just highlight, then arrow up or down to move the event within the audio editor or project window, up or down while holding its place in time.

Interestingly enough, the click/ctr command nor move while holding time does not appear in key commands when you try to assign it to something else, so I have to conclude this is not something the user can reassign.

What a pain. I thought new versions were supposed improve upon older versions.

Key has changed, search through the forum to find the right one if you can’t be bothered to try a couple yourself.

Not helpful. Why did you bother…and that would be a rhetorical question, so, no need to answer!

This is already in operation, highlight any note(s) and use the arrows, it will move the notes up and down but not in time.

It is this way on a Mac cannot comment on a Windows system but would be very surprised if it wasn’t.

Thanks, but you’re talking about midi, I was referring to audio.

Wow, now that’s lazy. Mom still spoonfeed you? :wink:

So, neurotic trolls who evidently have nothing constructive to do with their time aside…(love the “ignore foes” function)

Anyone actually have a solution for this?

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Steve I feel your pain. (not about the trolling I just laugh at that)

Its when you’re working with lanes and you try move an audio part up or down so you press control and grab the part cause this is what has worked for the last 8 years or so and suddenly Cubase is playing a soloed version of what you intended moving.
Even more embarrassing when client is listening back to something while you were editing away. Complete mood kill.

Best advice I can give is train yourself to drag up or down first , even really scew if need be, then hit cntr to see you part snap in time position, then let go. I’ve almost completely eradicated my accidental part solos. Almost. :wink:

I don’t experience this, but maybe you are referring to a specific workspace/ window? I recently dragged audio events from one track to another whilst keeping them in time - no problems.

In a sense, it is increased functionality. Cubase is now able to perform TWO different actions with the CTRL modifier key based on whether you press the key before or after clicking on the event. Of course, with more functions always comes a learning session. I actually like it now that I am used to it. I can easily “audition” an event without selecting the tool on the toolbar, listening, and then going back to the select tool.

I guess I’m a slow learner; I’ve been grappling with it since the day 6.5 came out.

Essentially I think Steinberg is trying to implement the one thing about Pro Tools that I like - the ability to access different editing tools without going out of your way to change them - and this would be ok if it worked reliably (wihtout me having to click more than once, or without the sample editor opening when I don’t want it to.

Maybe it’s my mouse; it’s a fairly old touchepad that likely needs replaced. Definitely prefer key commands!