Key Command for moving parts


Is there a Key Command to move (or copy) selected parts to the previous or next track (similar to the up/down arrow behaviour in the Key Editor)?



No, there is no this kind of Key Command. But you can create your own Macro.

How would I do that? If it could be decomposed into individual key presses I could just use them instead…


Yes, Macros are sets of KeyCommands.

In the KeyCommands window click to Show Macros, then New Macro, name it. Select the KeyCommand, you want to use, in the upper part, and click to the Add Command.

  • Edit > Copy
  • Project > Select Track: Next
  • Edit > Paste

You have multiple options, how to paste it:

  • Paste = to the Cursor position
  • Paste at Origin = paste to the same position, as the copied event is.

If you want to move, not copy, you can Cut instead of Copy.

The sequence you propose is indeed a shortcut for “Cmd+C, Arrow, Cmd+V” which is actually easier for me to remember than a new shortcut for a macro: ) Thanks, but I was hoping for something a bit more flexible, such as being able to move the part freely any number of tracks up or down by pressing one key at a time (cf. the Key Editor, where you can select a note and then simply move it with the arrow keys wherever you want).

I must be missing something obvious, but, from a workflow perspective, what would be the difference between hitting an arrow key (in the Key Editor) as many times as necessary, to arrive at the desired position, and doing the same thing in the Project window, using the key command for the macro that was suggested? (well, you would need a 2nd macro, using “Select Track: Prev”, to navigate up again, but then doesn’t that get you exactly where you want?)


To move the event in the Project window, you can use Nudge Left and Right commands.

… (and now that I have woken up :wink: )… there are also commands for Nudge Up and Down (so no need even for a macro :wink: )

…If you don’t want to copy, but move. :wink:

Yes, of course :slight_smile:. (but even that is only one further key command away… do “Duplicate” first, then Move the duplicate :wink: )

But the “Duplicate” function place the new event at the end of the original one. So if you want to copy the event on the same place as the original one, it’s not the best way, I would say. I’m sorry. :wink:

True, but then what is? (back to using macros… one for each direction?) :wink:

Unfortunately yes, dedicated Macro for every single direction.

i always hoped that Cubase would instigate one day a similar thing to Pro Tools where you can set the “Nudge” amount to be , say, 1 bar in the Part Editor, separately from the global “quantize”.

most of my cubase life is spent mindlessly jumping up and down from 16th quantize for a midi note in Key Editor back to 1 bar to move parts in the main display then back to 16th quantize to move midi notes in Key Editor again. its never ending and frustrating as hell.

In pro tools you can set a separate quantize amount for the Midi Key Editor compared to the Quantize setting in the part editor. Makes complete sense to the user and speeds up WORKFLOW…because the Quantize amount is not constantly being changed and changed and changed and changed…

Surely im not the only one that nudges midi notes in 16th steps but whole Parts in bars?? isnt this requirement bloody obvious?


Yes indeed.
But, in the meantime, you can make presets in the Project Logical Editor (and assign key commands to them)
Only real inconvenient… if you use time signatures other than 4/4, you’ll need separate PLE presets for each of those.
Nudge +1 bar.jpg

Thank you for all the helpful answers. The Nudge Up and Down commands are indeed very helpful, as is pasting at original position. It would be nice to be able to paste a Shared Copy on a another track with a Key Command, though… But these are already great tips.

+1 For @Blackout’s suggestion (no, you are not the only one…)

Yes, there absolutely is a key command for this.

Go to:

Key commands

Then, you will see “Down” and “Up”, those are your commands!

In Cubase 9 (what I use), these do not have a selected command by default, so I had to make one.
I had nothing put on “Alt+down arrow” and “Alt+up arrow”… So therefore, I made it those!

Easy peezy.