key command for navigating in the timeline

I am trying to figure out how to create a key command for moving left and right my timeline just like pressing the little boxes with arrows at bottom left and right of the project window…


shift + Scroll Wheel on any Computer does the movement left / right if i got u right

Don’t know about key command,

when editing
I’ve gotten used to shift+scroll wheel
control/command scroll wheel controls horizontal zoom as well.

when mixing and keeping both hands on the control surface, I’ve gotten used to jogging and toggling Autoscroll on and off.

Shift+scroll wheel is what i was looking for,
cant believe it was that simple…
i mostly use the forward/backward commands but thats handy too.

thanks a million guys.!

cmd+scroll wheel is nice too for zooming in horiz. but do you know how to make it zoom where the playhead is?

There may be a dedicated key command for zoom to the cursor, but… I’ve just gotten used to using protools keys for zoom in/out and toggling Autoscroll … I can do it on autopilot in the dark, that’s all I need

actually i noticed that Cmd + scroll zooms where your mouse pointer is so i can use that…!

and a nice addition to the timeline “click in” zoom function is to switch it off in the prefs. Than u can navigate your position with the limeline bar and when u want to zoom just press shift and it switches to zoom :wink: