Key Command for "Open Other", please

It feels quite silly to ask the maybe most basic question of all, but what is the Key Command Target for accessing “Open Other” directly? :roll_eyes:

I think there is not one! Presumably, the “workflow” is close to the hub (esc)and hit the Open command.

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Hmmmm … that must be an oversight, then. I’ll change the subject and mark it as a feature request.

In the hub, the [Tab key] also doesn’t work to navigate through the buttons / options. Normally you can go through the options with Tab.
Otherwise it would be easy to send keystrokes from an external program. But that doesn’t work either.

Exactly. Feels a bit like being forced to read Steinberg’s product news on the left. :wink:

It can be done with ahk or keyboard maestro using Mouse Click, and local window coordinates though, of course that’s not as flexible as the Tab key which I miss as well.

eg, ahk for the Open Other :

IfWinActive, Steinberg Hub
	Click, 742, 642

Yes, that would work, but seriously - there’s nothing wrong with a simple additional Key Command entry, don’t you think? :wink:

I totally agree. But just you wait… :wink:

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