key command for opening/closing VST plugin

I can’t find this in the manual, but is there a key command for opening/closing a specific VST plugin?
let’s say insert slot 1 masterbus
I would like to assign a key that, once pressed, opens the plugin window and press it again closes the plugin window
so I’m not talking about loading/unloading but really like what F3 is doing for the mixer, or F2 for the transport.

I know how to do it with the generic remote editor, but I would like to use my keyboard, or Artist Transport for this one (though it’s not in the EUCON command list).
Is this possible?


you can do it with “selected track” in the “Console” generic remote

Yes but the generic remote maps to a midi device, I don’t have a midi device within my reach to map that to?
Or are you talking about something else?