Key Command for "part start"?


Is there a Key Command or any other way of quickly jumping to the start of the part in the MIDI Key Editor (the position indicated by the small flag with the part name)? Couldn’t find anything by searching for “part”.


Auto Play for selected Events: Alt+Spacebar.

Not really, I need to move the play cursor, not start playback. Also, the part start isn’t necessarily aligned with the first MIDI event (in my case, several Controller Lanes changes happen before the first MIDI note).

There’s a key command called ‘Locate Selection’. If you have anything selected (MIDI notes, MIDI parts, Audio parts etc) it will move the cursor to the beginning of the event. If you are in the MIDI editor and you have nothing selected, pushing this key command will move the cursor to the beginning of the part (which I think is what you want to do).

Exactly! Thank you very much.

You can go a step further and make an effective macro key command for this.

Make a new macro.
Add the following:
Edit - open key editor
Transport - locators to selection
Transport - play from selection start.

It will open your selected part in the editor and automatically play from the start of it.

Well, if we’re really getting into macros and little details, what would be really great is a way to move the part’s start and the part’s end from within the Key Editor by using key commands, similar to setting left and right locators. I’m not even sure it can be done but any ideas are welcome.

Try this.

After using the macro I posted above select the notes you want in the loop range. Now activate the macro again and the cycle range will go to your selected notes. You can now use the ‘split loop’ command to make a dedicated part of this selected range.

Adding ‘zoom to locators’ is also a good thing to add to the macro.

I’m afraid I wasn’t clear because this has nothing to do with loops or locators . Have a look at the attached screenshot of the Key Editor. I can drag the part start (the flag called “MIDI 01”) to the song position line (or anywhere else), thus making the MIDI part itself (the container for the MIDI events) start later in the track without modifying the notes position. What I would like to do is set this part start (and its counterpart at the part’s end) to the current song position by using a Key Command. But maybe it’s impossible to do currently.
Screen Shot 2014-12-19 at 15.36.33.png

Right, I see what you mean now. Closest you can probably get is a macro with:

Transport - Set Left Locator
MIDI - merge midi in loop. ( with a selection of Erase Destination)

You will have to click the playhead location from the project window before executing the macro.

Apart from this dont think there is any other possible solutions

OK, thanks. An item to add in the Key Commands windows IMHO.