Key Command for plugin A/B setting?

Is there a key command to toggle between the A and B setting for a plugin?

I’ve found one called ‘Toggle A/B Setting’ but it doesn’t seem to do anything -or is this for some other function?

I can’t even see that the command does anything at all too…

I wonder if there is a bug here? Never tried to find a key command for this before but it just occurred to me that it would be immensely useful!

It would appear so- kind of difficult to repro a negative…

Yep, seems that way. Perhaps some others can confirm this?

FYI, I’m on Win8.1

Just a little bump. Can anyone confirm this?

Reported this here:

and here:


Ok, I see this has been around a loooong time then! :slight_smile:

Well, for now, I’ve made an Autohotkey srcript that works for A/B-ing a plugin:

SendEvent {Click right 110, 44}
SendEvent {Click right 160, 210}

I’m sure it’s by design. It only works for the stock EQ, and, and after trying it again, it even works sometimes when the EQ is not visible. So with that being true, it would be very terrible if it worked on anything else. :wink:

Yea, I think you’re right there actually. Having read the thread linked above, I have now learnt that you can A/B Eq settings with this key command which is a highly useful discovery. Would be still be nice to have an A/B key command for plugins as well although the Autohotkey script actually works pretty much perfectly for that.

So… all good really! :slight_smile:

Hm. What a positive outcome to the thread. Somehow I have the feeling of missing someone stomping their foot, or threatening a lawsuit.

Must be a Pavlovian reflex. :wink: :mrgreen: