Key Command for preset rating

The last thing you want to do when you’re in the zone is to pop out and waste just enough time to not be able to get back in, right.

Sometimes in the battle with the realities of Cubasing you stumble on a fantastic preset that seems to solve all the problems in the world. You know it’s either a mirage or a miracle and you either have to drop it to not lose focus or give up and dive into the preset’s possibilities.

What if you could assign say CTRL+Shift+1 -5 to giving the preset you have on screen a star rating of 1-5 stars and later you could go back to to investigate further when you’re done doing whatever you were doing now. Just like that. BOOM! done! And you’re back in your song you have to finish.

And a column for a date, please, so you can sort the latest date for the rating of a given preset. Three days later you get back and sort the ratings’ dates and you can concentrate on sorting them out.

It would probably be one of the few ways I’d ever hear even half of the millions of presets anytime soon and even do something about them. I know they’re out there because I stumble on them sometimes when I don’t need them and … then they’re gone again! :scream: :sob:

A set of key commands would save the day?

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Agree - the ability to add a shortcut for Rating each file would be really useful when auditioning sample packs in the Mediabay.

Also would be good if Cubase could ‘auto-audition’ each wav file in sync while you have a drum break etc looping in the background i.e. step through play each sample in the folder 1 by 1 until you hear that ‘gold-dust’ sample for this particular tune.

Then one could comfortably sit on the sofa and listen to the candidates - instead of having to manually press the up or down arrows a couple of hundred times! :cowboy_hat_face: