Key command for scrolling project page

hi there, is there a Key command for scrolling the project page left and right , i looked in key command shortcuts but couldn`t find one. ta mouse fatigue

Is Shift/mouse-wheel any use?

thanks mate,there is still a little messing around with that config ,i would rather use the arrow keys , what is the actual command called for scrolling the project page in the key commands ,i can`t find it.

I’ve been wondering this exact thing, too.


No. Tough, you’ll just have to endure all that pain. :mrgreen:

Hang on! If the Project has lots or parts on one or more tracks then just highlight a track with lots of parts and right / left arrow along. If desperate you could create a dummy track just for that purpose.
Make a one bar track and then Alt+drag to the end of the Project. Only really worth doing on fairly long Projects though.
I know that any minute someone is going to tell us how.

You can scroll the project by assigning a key command to move playhead forward/backward by 1 bar.
I’v assigned that to the left and right arrow keys and can navigate quite fast if I keep the arrow keys pressed for a few seconds.

Additionally this key command is quite useful for scrolling in the score editor where the scroll bar often has no effect (I think that must be a bug, scrolling works perfectly in all the other editors but never worked well in the score editor).

Thanks parnasso. Are you talking about “Step Bar” and “Step Back Bar” under the Transport category? Those are the only ones I could find that would fit what you’re talking about. Problem with that is that you have to have autoscroll on for it to work in the Midi editor.


Pad + & -, what am I missing?

Yes. On a PC. ctrl and + or - for short distances of one bar.

Totally incomprehensible. Is this European humour? :neutral_face:

Slightly off-topic but…

We use ‘Zoom to Locators’ a lot for quick navigation to other parts of a track.

We also use an empty track with empty parts to create custom markers. This suits us better than Cubase markers because an empty part on a track can be quite bold visually, it can be coloured, labelled, and sized quickly and easily.

I presume you are aware that you can use the left and right arrow keys to scroll from part to part.

Sorry, guess I should have really dumbed it down for those that don’t habla. :unamused:

Number Pad + And - , what don’t I understand?

That better?

What works best for me is to assign the “.” on the number pad to “input position.” Now just type “24” & “enter” on the number pad and you’re at measure 24.

Sorry, guess I should have really dumbed it down for those that don’t habla. :unamused:
Number Pad + And - , what don’t I understand?
That better?[/quote]

Works for me. [although I regret the inference that my inability to interpret # Pad and & as “+” and “-” as a sign of inferior intelligence is unfair and untrue. :slight_smile: The same would apply for the meaning of the word ‘habla’ whatever that is. Put simply I am not dumb, just uninformed sorry. In any case your contribution is helpful and appreciated.]

If firestamper prefers to use the arrow keys he could go to File/Key Commands/Commands/Transport/Forward then in the same dialog box: Type in Key/+/Assign. Overwrite the Preset ‘Navigate Right’ command. Press ‘OK’ and Bob’s your uncle.

That was easy. :laughing: ±±±±±±±±±-+ :laughing: :sunglasses:


But I’m looking for a way to assign key commands to scroll the entire window at once – as if you selected the Window’s scroll bar along the bottom of the Key Editor and moved it forward or backward. Everthing would move at once: cursor, events, Editor window, etc., etc. I guess this would be a windows thing though. I just thought Cubase might have a function to do that.


Then choose Stationary Cursor in Prefs and use the above.

Thanks. That’ll work.


Yeah works for me ,thanks

I can’t seem to find this setting in Preferences. Where is it located? Is this not in Artist?

It’s under Transport.