Key Command for selecting next and previous events


Some time back - on the old (blue) forum, a mod - it might have been Mr. Doll - hooked me up nicely with a macro. Basically what it does, is slices the selected event at the cursor, and deletes the unused portion. Two macros are required for this; one would delete the unused event before the cursor, one after.

I need to recreate this macro, but am missing a kc. The macro is these three kcs (if I remember correctly):

  1. Split at cursor
  2. Select event before cursor (or after)
  3. Delete

1 and 3 I have, but I can’t find a kc for 2. Does anyone know what selecting an event before cursor (or after) would be called?

Thanks in advance.

As long as the event’s selected to begin with it’s Split At Cursor, Left/Right(Arrow) and Delete.

Left and right arrows are Select Next/ Previous. The event after the spilt is auto-selected if the event was selected to begin with.

Thanks for the response.

I don’t use the stock kcs; my left and right arrows are for nudge.

That is true - I forgot about that while typing.

I still need a kc to select the event to the left of the cursor, however.

If I do a kc search for Select Next or Select Previous, I come up with nothing. Those functions must be called something else; this is the reason for the inquiry.

Thanks again.

The names of default are Left/ Right they’re in Navigate.

Ah! Navigate Left / Navigate Right - that’s what they are called. Cool - thanks! :smiley: