Key command for "size event start"

How do I do a “size event start”. Eg moving the start position within a event? You can do it within audio editor with the mouse. But with a command? “size event start” is the thing that is on the undo list when you do the edit.

Only on the Project page, that I know of:

-|Start Right
-|Start Left

It’ll work when the lower zone has focus as long as the event is selected in the Project edit area. In the windowed audio editor it doesn’t.

Tnx. Work in lower zone AND project window, but not in audio editor. (Is that not a bug?) However I have really hard to get along to the nudge step handing. Should be direct addressed, now you get side effect behaviour that gets confusing.

How so?

It is not consistent. You change one parameter (the step) and things does not do what I expect. I don’t mind the function,
but I think it would be nice to have a nudge function with fixed step. And if they should have the dynamic behaviour it should also have zoom level dynamics. So that a “step” is always 1/128, 1/1024 or what ever of the displayed data. So if you have 512 samples showed with full zoom in the step should be 4 samples, and when you zoom out to show 512000 samples in range it should be 4000 samples length step. Having 96000 samples steps when you look at 512 samples isn’t that useful. When you are in bar+beat mode there is a “adapt to zoom”. But then you get the limitation on scale, so you can not move the event to “zero crossing”. Close, but no cigar. And still with specific commands for different time scale you can do musical and sample editing at the same time. Eg move the sample start sample , and still have a nudge to snap to a musical time event. But it can not be done with indirect addressed nudge functions.