Key command for "snap off" / "snap on" ?

Is the commands that will do this, that I can assign to a key?

ie a command for “Set snap off” and one for “set snap on”

I don’t want to TOGGLE the snap state - I want to definitely turn it on or off from a previously unknown state.


I guess C6 still has the search field in the key commands…!?
If so - simple to find out yourself: type in “snap”, toggle through the search results, Do you find “snap on” and “snap off” independently, or just “snap on/off”…? Well there´s the answer to your question…

To find this out you can go to “File–> Keycommands”. Now in the command list search for “Snap” to find all the commands that relate to this function.

There are no Keycommands for only Snap On and only Snap Off. “J” is the standard Keycommand to toggle Snap On/Off.

Edit: Ups, me and thinkingcap cross posted. :slight_smile:


Thanks guys. Of course I tried the search, and of course nothing came up (apart from snap on/off toggle)

I was just living in hope of some undocumented way of achieving it…

I think these commands need to be added to the command set ! They are very basic, no?
The toggle is very frustrating, cos if you hit it in error, you then have to hit it again to get back to where you were.

lol well, that’s the case with all errors: you have to do anything to correct it, isn’t it? :wink:

but halfway back to the topic:

There a lot of things to be desired with key command shortcuts:

  • toggle preset browser (instead of only opening it)
  • revert back to used prest (when another preset is choosen in the preset browser, there’s a button for this, but no key command)
  • toggle all insert plugin guis (like when you shift-alt-klick the “e” on a mixer track)


and what not…

Move the toggle key command to a key you are less likely to hit accidently like Delete :laughing:

And What? … Not! :laughing: :laughing:

I do seem to spend a lot of time turning snap on and off.
When editing I usually have snap off, but when I need to set the cycle marker, I usually need its length to be a musical value, so I need to turn snap on for that, then turn it off again after
Maybe the cycle marker should have an independent “snap” setting.

Don’t get me wrong, it’s not the end of the world!

Having “absolute” commands instead of “relative” ones would make them actually useful in a macro.
eg I want to write a macro that does this: “set snap type = Beat”, then “set snap on”

At present, I can’t do this. If snap was already on, the macro turns it off :cry:

So, absolute command references FTW !

Make it so :slight_smile:

I’d like to see a modifier key that I could use to control snap on or snap off. For instance, Word by default snaps to the grid unless you hold down the Alt key while dragging. I’d much prefer this method of control. Take this a stage further and make the modifier key invert the current state. But we probably haven’t got any free modifier keys left for this feature :wink:

I’d also say that it’d be good if every toggle feature had a separate On and Off command too. And that goes for things which have more than 3 states (like the pointer tool). It’s something that should be implemented in a standard way across the board.


Excellent idea!

Is this not possible currently mewonders? anyone know for sure? :wink:

That would be pretty nice.

I really would love to see the two key commands added for “Snap On” and “Snap Off” it would be particularly useful for macros. I currently have several Keyboard Maestro macros I use with a check image state which is not the best way to go. I’d like to be able to make it so anytime I change a snap type it always turns snap on or when I change the grid to a different value it always turns the snap on and currently I can not do this and constantly check if it is on since I toggle this on and off constantly when working.