Key Command For Switching Off Red Stereo Output Clip

Hey Guys,

Is there a way to create a Key Command to Remove the red Clip on the Stereo Output channel instead of having to click on it to remove it?


Also is there a way to see where the stereo output channel Clips? Like how the algorithm finds Hit points in an audio track?

Thanks, Nicolas.


I’m not aware of any.

Audio > Statistics. But it might happen during the mix, so you might not find it tis way.

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It’s sad because I keep finding myself going back and forth with my mouse finding that high sweet spot in the mix…

Yes, there is a key command - I am using ^

What’s the name of the Key Command to assign it? And/Or how to type this symbol?

The only way I know is the Reset Meters function.

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I was also thinking of this, but it doesn’t work for me here. :thinking:

Edit: OK, It is working. I was trying to assign a Key Command which doesn’t work in general.

So it’s: Mixer > Meters: Reset.

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HEY! This was my solution! Now I’m in high dudgeon!
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I know. Next time provide the full and correct name, please. :wink:

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My apologies, I was only joking. :+1:

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I’ve been having this issue in the background since Cubase SX3!

Thanks a lot to all contributors!

If that clips you should rethink what you are doing, you should be far from clipping the stereo out during mix/record

Honestly I just do it for fun and practice. Just to see how much I can push the mix. I just send the stems over to the mix engineer for the final mix and master.