Key Command for toggling Listen between 5.1 and St out

Is this possible?
Tried to make it via Logical editor but failed. Either because I’m stupid or it is undoable…

Thanks / Tumppi

Well, if you’re using Control Room you can set up two different sets of monitors, one for the 5.1 setup, and one for stereo. And as far as I know you can route the two to the same physical outputs (i.e. the left/right stereo going to the same outputs as Left Front/Right Front of 5.1).

Then you just assign a key command to switch between monitors.

If you look at the control room section in key commands though you’ll also see the option to switch between downmix presets, so perhaps that’s something to explore (I haven’t done it that way).

I have two outputs in my project. 5.1 and stereo. This way I can record both at the same time. So I don’t need two monitor setup in CR. But I’m aware of this function.

I want to be able to toggle listen button between 5.1 and stereo outputs.

I understand your goal. My recommendation is to start using control room for monitoring, not the outputs of the mixer. I think it’s well worth it. Control room is great.

And you can still easily set up to render either or both surround and stereo.

I understand.
But that way one has to be very careful to use same downmix settings both in CR and when routing to stereo grp… Otherwise the stereo downmix you hear and record aren’t the same.
There is room for human error there…

As mentioned, do this via control room. Super easy and use the key command to switch between monitor paths.

Read and understood. But still my post above yours explains why I’d rather use Listen on output buses…

Again, use CR. Set up different monitor paths and use the KC to switch between them. It’s set and forget and being the CR it is global to all projects.

No I won’t.
I want to listen my output bus…

You can listen to your output bus just fine. All you have to do is tap the signal at the correct point in the chain. Really.

You can switch sources (your 5.1 or your stereo outputs), you can switch downmix presets (your 5.1 to stereo), and you can switch monitor destinations (your 5.1 path or stereo path (could be the same)).

So many options. You’re missing something I think.

Will study more. Thanks