Key Command for track volume??

Hi all,

Is there a key command default or assignable for track volume?? Not overall master volume…

Besides assigning a midi control…

Manual/ google/forums searches have yielded nothing.

Thanks for any advice or help you can give!!

(Alt + up/down arrows)
Though it doesn’t work unless you have the focus set to the little
db read out at the bottom of the fader. (Directly under the fader)

So yes, it does have a key command but you have to click first to set the focus.
Or try and tab your way around to it.
Kind of defeats the purpose of having a short cut in the first place.

If the channel is selected it should just work.

Thank you!

Yes you are right… i would unfortunately have to select the db volume of the track first for this to work.

If simply the track is selected then alt+arrow up/down only adjusts the track height.

Definitely defeats the purpose :frowning:

If event is selected(and by preferences, track of event is highlighted) it’d be nice if i could simply key command a volume… or even better: im trying to assign a power mate knob controller to default all track volumes in projects.

I suppose midi controller sliders for volume are the only way to go with this…

Aloha guys,

AFAIK it has been since C7 when behavior changed.

I use Cubase live on weekends and the old behavior of using one arrow key
was great for quickly adjusting fader levels while on stage.

Since C7 I now I have to:
1-Make sure the mixer is in focus.
2-Make sure the db volume or fader of the track is selected.
3-Hold down shift/command and which ever arrow key for up/down.

In Steiny’s defense;
I really cannot complain because Cubase was not designed for the
way I use it in a live situation but it sure used to be easier to do so.

In fact this was one of the reasons I could use Cubase on stage in the 1st place.

Oh well maybe it will change back. Never say never.

Hopefully we’ll see a simple key command or shortcut to track volume adjustments on the fly in a coming update!

or maybe C8 :slight_smile: