Key Command for Volume

Hey all,

Im just wondering. Is there a key command for volume up and volume down?? I cant seem to find it in the key command list. And, more specifically, a key command for individual track volume up and down, if different. Thanks Alot!!!


You are right, there is only Decrement (Increment) Event Volume command. This one decrements/increments volume of Audio region (clip), which is actually selected. The change is +/-1 dB.

But you can assign this any MIDI controller by using Generic Remote Device from the Devices > Device Setup menu.

Seems odd that cubase wouldn’t have a key command for this and relegate it solely to quick controls…

Im trying to assign a griffin powermate usb knob to volume control/etc within cubase. You need the corresponding key command in order to program it. But, apparently cubase has a key command for everything else except for simple volume control?? – in case you’re wondering what it is

Do you mean for monitoring? You can switch from 2 different monitor levels by using Control Room > Switch: Reference Level Active. You can assign key command for this.