Key command for waveform hight

Could we have a Key command for waveform hight as its a pain having to keep mousing over to the right of the screen please :smiley:


I’m lucky to have a command “Jog Waveform Zoom” assigned to the left jog-wheel of my MCPro in my studio, but on my mobile computer I really miss a key command to increase or decrease the waveform height -indeed-.

Yes please, this is really useful.



+1 And a tool modifier for the mouse wheel as well please !!!

In the editor, we can scroll left/right with a modifier, we can zoom in/out with another BUT we cant zoom in/out VERTICALLY !

It’s been requested very often if i remember well.


Shift g/h is the vertical zoom in/out in all editor by default…from years !
If i well understand your question.

You’re right MRK, I missed that one thanks !

But this is only true in the Editors window, not in the Arrange window

and I still miss a modifier for the mouse wheel


Is “enlarge selected track” an option for you guys?


I have not problem with that. :slight_smile:
A good recording level is mandatory in any cases, but you know that.
You do something wrong if you srew 24/7 this waveform hight adjustment. :wink:

But: separate shortcuts? wy not…

so: +1.

We often use this function in PT for Post. Very useful to easily identify unwanted noise in a very weak sound in the middle of several tracks for example, or conversely, reduce them to the maximum to locate a peak in a clip, or to check if it is clipped. Useful also to recalibrate the phase of 2 very weak sounds, even when we has zoomed on the tracks.

A shortcut using the wheel of the mouse would be very apréciable (with why not a “new” function of auto adjustment of the waveform zoom with a shortcut when we selecs a clip)

…and I’d love it to be linked to the waveform-width of the Waveform Meters in the Mixing Console please…
These Waveform Meters are often unreadable (a flat line appears) when soft passages appear…

I hope someone @ Steinberg feels the urge to implement all these tiny improvements (omissions?) in order to build this really advanced DAW?

Niek/ Amsterdam

good example! I agree here, of course.