Key command for "write all automation" doesn't enable Instrument tracks

Key command for “write (or read) all automation” doesn’t enable automation for the Instrument tracks (and yes, I’ve turned it on in preferences).

If you’re referring to Key Commands>Automation>Write Automation for all Tracks On/Off, it’s working here.

What did you turn on in preferences?

I enabled “write all automation works for instrument tracks” in preferences. If you open the VSTI rack you’ll see what I mean. None of the VST instruments have their write enabled. I’m trying to automate quick controls.

Here, Instrument Tracks do follow the Read/Write commands. But I do see that Rack Instrument automation lanes don’t. So are you talking about Rack Instruments rather than Instrument Tracks?

Maybe it’s broken, or maybe it’s by design… but there’s a possible workaround- the command, Write Automation for Selected Tracks On/Off does work for Rack Instruments.

For me, the command “Write Automation for Selected Tracks On/Off does NOT work for Rack Instruments.It works if you use the most, but doesn’t work if you assign it a key command.

Ruled out corrupt prefs?

I’ll try that…

Can you load a couple of instruments into the rack and then, with a key command (it works fine with the mouse), turn on “write automation for all tracks” and see if write automation comes on for the instruments in the rack?

I already did that.

Well, I don’t know what to say. I’ve trashed my preferences in both Cubase 9.5.41 and 10.0.20 and still the VST rack instruments “write enable” can not be turned on by a key command (default is Alt/W).
And yes, this ONLY happens with “rack” instruments. I prefer rack instruments mostly because I can save their channel settings in the mixer. Why it works with tracks and not racks is a mystery to me. Another reason I prefer racks is because of this bug:

Hence why this is in the “issues” forum.