Key Command/Function/Preference: Scroll to Selected Track (Specific to Project Logical Editor)

Hi, I’m mostly thinking about this being used in PLE/Macro combos where you are using the PLE to target tracks based on colour, or name, or by certain events on that track (if you have ‘Track Selection Follows Event Selection’ enabled)

This could both be a preference (with key command), and an execution key command - I would like both if possible, depending on the project.

This way, if people have 500 track project, and they want to quickly scroll to the Lead Vocal, they can target the track name or track colour they use for Lead Vocal.

Hej lovegames
The scrolling is working fine here using your PLE -

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Oh really?

I’m on version 10, so maybe this changed in 10.5 or 11?

Yes - this is the Cubase 11 Forum :wink:
So if you are still on 10, maybe this is not the right forum :wink:)
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Their fault for not giving detailed changes!

I’m curious if this is a Preference? or is it hardcode?


Can you turn off
Preferences: Project & MixConsole - Scroll to Selected Track

And see if it still scrolls with my test? I’d appreciate it thanks

Hej lovegames
This is not a Preference setting - Your PLE is working fine no matter if the “Project & MixConsole - Scroll to Selected Track” is On or Off -
The “Preferences: Project & MixConsole - Scroll to Selected Track” is when you select a Channel in the Mix Console, if you want the Project window to scroll to the selected Channel/Track

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