Key Command/ Hide empty tracks

While watching various tutorials online, I’ve noticed that the presenters toggle the empty tracks hide/view status using a key command. I’m good with creating custom key commands, I know what to search for. Is this possible?

Thank you

for this you must create a PLE

container type is equal to a track
property is set to empty
property is not set to is disabled
and I add type of media different from
VCA group and effect
track operation hide track alternate
then transform

I can see where PLE can be very useful. I was able to get some simple close folder routines to work. Yours’s not quite. I believe I have the same settings as you, but when I hit Apply, nothing happens. Can you see what I’m missing from my settings.

A couple of other questions I have about PLE are: how do I save my macros, and how do I apply Command Keys? Saving on older versions seems pretty straightforward. With v13, not so much.

Thank you Freudon,

For me it works
We agree that we are talking about midi and/or instrument tracks
Because if audio delete the last filter
I see you are on Cubase 12 or 13
There is nothing in the pre and post commands either?

As an example, I activated 24 tracks from all my Woodwinds Brass Strings etc. directories…

As an example, I activated 24 tracks from all my Woodwinds Brass Strings etc. directories…
and I have 12 tracks with data

I created the PLE and added zoom tracks full
in English

Then if like me you have the divide track list
and you want to keep these tracks visible you must add accordingly

The only difference between Cubase 12 and 13 for macros is that there is a drop-down menu otherwise the functions are the same

macros and PLEs are very powerful tools and even more so since version 12 where you can add pre and post commands

As far as I’m concerned, I’m only testing the trial version of Cubase 13 which I find graphically magnificent but I’m waiting for the version to be really mature and without bugs.

And regarding the command keys
I don’t use them because I use a touch screen with the 14bitMIDI Sherlock Plugin