Key Command hint in every balloon tip

I know a bunch of programmers living in northern Germany who will hate me for this but … :rofl:

I’d love to see Cubase have any and each key command that has a button or other GUI representation in the program that you can hover the mouse over display the key command in what I think usually is called a balloon tip. Little yellow pop up thingie in most Windows™ programs. I remember a lot of them, even new ones I have hardly started using BUT …
a handful of them slip into …
t h e * d a r k * z o n e
… and I have to look it up. Like the “Edit Active Part Only” which I use a lot. Can I remember what Key Command I assigned to it? NOOOO!!! And it’s been like this since forever haha. It slipped into my “dark zone”!!! I don’t know what to do about it. Maybe someone else has some other command which just refuse to stick in their teflon memory? Still it’s just a handful but it’s the same commands, while other commands just get welded in place forever from the got go.

I rather have stuff like this implemented than Steinberg paying off some 3rd party producer to create yet another collection of 808 kick drums to be included in Cubase Pro, where you can design your own 808 kicks until the cows come home …

It’s not as glamorous as it sound to poke around with connecting key commands to balloon tips for programmers I guess haha but

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I certainly agree that remembering key commands is near impossible, especially my own, since all of the obvious ones are already used by standard functions. I gave up trying.

I either use input from my iPad (using MIDI Designer Pro), or my Stream Deck XL. There’s no way I am going to remember ‘alt-ctrl-shift-stand on one leg-face south east-sqiggly bracket’ for my double-zoom Macro, but now I have a button right there in front of me.

But I also think the idea above is a good one.

I think this is the case already. Most tooltips greet me with a (!), which means I haven’t assigned a key command to the button just yet.

In any case, if there are buttons that do NOT inform of the assigned key command, I consider this an omission.

And I fully agree with you that while this is not an exciting task, it is very much needed and appreciated. Along with the one who makes sure data fits in predesigned fields, or the one that makes sure expanding and contracting fields show in full without clipping, or the one that makes sure that dragging a value from the infoline beyond the border of the lower zone will not make the mouse button press “stuck” etc etc.