Key command import option missing in Cubase 11?

Don’t see the “key command import” button in cubase 11. How do i import the from Cubase 8.5 to Cubase 11 from within Cubase 11? Do i have to copy them manually from and to the Cubase preference folder?

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Save your Key Commands as a Preset in 8.5 and use that Preset in 11.

Thanks for your reply.
It’s the import function that has disappeared in Cubase 11. Importing Key Command Settings

So now i have to manually copy it from whichever folder the preset (from Cubase 8.5) is in to the cporresponding folder in Cubase 11. Possible but just a bit annoying.

The import button only allowed import of pre-2001 files, nothing else.

it’s still missing in Cubase 12 for me. And Cubase wiped my shortcuts…

It’s not missing. The function is gone because it’s no longer needed.

@nickfever, Please start a new thread for your question so you can get help sorting this.

As far as importing key commands, that function is part of the Profile Manager