Key command: "locate next/previous Cycle marker"?

Hi Cubase 12 Pro here -

I couldn’t find how to locate to the next/previous cycle marker with a key command (I found key commands for “Locate to Next/Previous Marker”, but that also includes the position markers, which is not quite what I’m looking to do.

Does anyone know how to use a key command to “Locate Next/Previous Cycle Marker”?


Hi, I don’t see such commands unfortunately. Personally I always use the dedicated commands to specific cycle marker (To Cycle Marker 1, 2 and so on), because I never have too many cycle markers.

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I only use cycle markers so it works fine for me, one workaround would be to have a marker track for markers and one for cycle markers and you can move between events in the cycle marker track.


Great, thanks, I’ll try the dual marker tracks, reserving one for cycle markers only.