Key command/macro to switch focus to Project Window?


I’m using 2 monitors - one for Project window, one for Mixer window.

Previously, I’d set up a macro, tied to a keyboard shortcut, to “Select All [events in project] / Set Left/Right Locators”, so I could loop through the whole project.

BUT if I tweak the mixer, then trigger my macro, nothing happens, because focus is on the MIXER window, and the macro needs to be triggered with focus on the PROJECT window.

Does anyone know if there’s a key command/macro that will reliably switch focus to the Project window, no matter which window currently has focus?


Here you go:

Neat, perfect - thanks so much!

You may not even need a macro. How about just the KC “bring to front”?

Yep, bring Project to front is what’s needed. (There’s a default bring to front assigned to “U”, but that’s for events.)

I thought I’d just give the whole macro from the OP while at it. :slight_smile: