Key Command Macros to Select Generic Remote Bank Increment/Decrement

Greetings. I created a Generic Remote for my Novation SL MkII with the purpose of controlling Cubase track faders, mute/solo, pan, transport controls, and generic remote bank increment/decrement. The SL MkII offers eight faders, so I created four generic remote ‘pages’ to map my SL MkII faders/buttons/encoders map to thirty-two Cubase tracks.

This works fine, but I would like to add a bit more functionality to my bank increment/decrement SL MkII button assignments. As I increment or decrement generic remote ‘pages’, I would like not only to select the corresponding set of Cubase tracks, but I would also like to select the first track of each 8-track grouping (Track 1 of trks 1-8, Track 9 of trks 9-16, Track 17 of trks 17-24, or Track 25 of trks 25-32) in Cubase. Also, I would like Cubase to visually highlight the selected track and move it into the view port if it is not already viewable. For example, my zoom setting is set to display a maximum of 24 of the possible 32 tracks in my template (I can extend the track count and add more generic remote pages if necessary). Each time I click the SL MkII bank increment/decrement buttons, I should be able to see either Track 1/9/17/25 highlighted in Cubase. If I currently see Tracks 1-24 in the view port and I bank increment to select Tracks 25-32, then I would like the view poor to scroll my tracks to the right and show Tracks 9-32 in my view port. I hope this explanation makes sense.

The problem is I cannot seem to locate a Key Command for selected the Generic Remote Bank Increment or Bank Decrement commands. Do they exist? If so, are they named something else?

I appreciate your feedback. Thank you.


Update to Cubase 12, where you can make MIDI Remote scripts. This can handle your use case.

Thank you for the reply, Marin. I plan to update to Cubase 12 Pro (for Mac) after a few more minor releases. In the interim is there a Cubase 11 Pro solution?