Key Command / method to bulk delete 'used controllers' on multiple midi track's


Does anyone know if there is a Key Command / method to bulk delete ‘used controllers’ on multiple midi track’s?

example here:

I found a command to ‘Delete Program Change & Bank Select’ but thought maybe there is a global option rather than having to call each out?

Also, is there a key command to ‘analyze with Variaudio’? I could only find reanalyze and it doesn’t run.

thanks in advance.

That’s not a default Cubase command, but fortunately it’s one of the simplest operations you can perform using the Logical Editor. Logical Editor presets can be assigned to Key Commands.

Select MIDILogical EditorSetup…. and use these settings:

Now, using the Preset menu at the top, you can save this is a preset by clicking “Save Changes as Preset…”. If you did everything correctly, this preset should now show up in the Key Commands window under “Process Logical Preset”.

The Command you’re looking for is called VariAudio Tool.

Ok I added that but get this error. I worked out it is because this needs to be enabled first
Is there a key command to enable that?
Also, is it possible to change the behavior when the midi is extracted, I would like it to by default create an instrument rather than midi track, and to apply a preferred VST, i.e. Bass Guitar.

You need to have the Sample Editor focused for the “VariAudio Tool” Key Command to work. Either click the Lower Zone or double click the Audio Event first. Enabling “Solo Editor” isn’t a requirement.

You can’t, but you can change the Extract destination to something more helpful.

“First Selected Track” pastes the extracted MIDI part to a selected Instrument/MIDI track.
“Project Clipboard” allows you to paste the MIDI part manually. Just make sure that the Project window is in focus by clicking on it first.