Key Command Mixer: Expand VCA - Does not Work?

Hi ,

I am using Cubase 10 and was hoping that the Expand VCA would make the tracks visible in the mixer according to the selected VCA Fader. Unfortunately the Mixer Key Command Expand VCA doesn’t do anything. Any ideas ?

Cheers, lokotus

PS: What I found so far was this info: On the S6 you can spill left/right from the VCA master. With the Nuage you hit expand and everything connected to that VCA will show on the surface.

Does that mean this feature only works if you have a Nuage console ?

Tried so many times to get it work but no success unfortunately. I can`t belive nobody else is asking for it? Anbody out there with a solution?

I think the idea is that you should buy a Nuage. This is the core problem with yamaha owning Steinberg.

It’s so frustating :confused: It should work withiut Nuage:/

Ok, I think I figured it out. VCA-EXPAND ist not a VCA SPILL. VCA-Expand shows the VCA-Faders in the mixer. The opposit command ist “HIDE VCA”
To do a VCA-Spill like functionality you can use the track visibility agend: “Show Channels that are Connected to the First Selected Channel”
and make a custom key command for that.
To redo the “Spill” use the command “Redo Visibility Change”

I think that is what “Expand” is doing on the nuage.

I was wrong! “Hide: VCAs” does both - hide and show the VCA Fader in the Mixer.

Still don´t know what “Expand: VCAs” and “View: VCAs” do? Anyone?