Key Command Mystery - Chapter one: The secret F3

After 10 years as a Cubase user I found it appropriate, first to celebrate the 10 years and a successful upgrade to CB7 with a piece of cake, but even more: to finally learn the Key Commands of Cubase, including customizing the keyboard for my use. However the first key I tried did not work out so well for me. The F3 function that was supposed to open the mixer did not open the mixer but shrunk the windows on the desktop a little. Why?

I went in to the Key Commands menu In CB and there F3 was connected to opening the mixer, so everything fine and dandy there. Then I went into the keyboard settings in Finder but could not find any connections to F3 at all under the keyboard section. Tried to assign the F3 to Cubase but finder will not let me assign the F3 function at all. On the F3 key itself there is a small drawing of some small desktop windows, so F3 behaves according to the drawing on the key and as per now the keyboard is the boss here in my studio. Any idea how I can fire the keyboard as boss and set Cubase and myself in that position?

Note that I´m a MAC user. (addict in fact).

Go to System Preferences.
Choose the icon “Mission Control”

Can you see somewhere that the F3 is assigned in this window ?
If so, de-activate it.

Hope this helps.


The modern term is “fanboy”. :wink:

So you should know that:

(a) Mac Knows Best, and,
(b) the tricks to make it do what YOU want. (Sometimes :slight_smile:

Thx. It is working now. Been a PC user for years but changed to MAC a couple of years ago after heavy problems with Win7 and my plugs. Do not have a single regret!