Key command: Open MixConsole when clicking on an empty space

So let’s say you are working on a song with the MixConsole opened in the lower zone. Then you click on a MIDI part, and the Key editor takes that place. Ok, but once you have finished editing the MIDI, if you want the MixConsole to show back you currently have to:

a) find and click over the little “MixConsole” tag in the lower left part of the screen (slow); or
b) use the ALT+F3 key command.

But, what if we had a new Preference to “Show MixConsole in the lower zone when clicking on an empty space”? This way, once you had finished editing a MIDI part, you could simply click anywhere in the Arrange window and the MixConsole would be back to the lower zone. In my opinion, this simple (and optional) feature would speed the workflow greatly.

i wish i could only hit enter when im finished with editing and the mixers apears again in the lower zone. dont understand why its not like this now? whats the purpose of the lower zone when it disappears after editing?

True. The show/hide workflow should be much more dynamic and intuitive, as this is a very repetitive task (working with the mixer > editing MIDI > going back to the mixer to make adjustments…). That’s the idea.

As an alternative, you can currently use the ALT+F3 key command to bring back the Console, or assign you own key to that. Anyway, I find my solution more integrated into the usual workflow: you simply click anywhere once you’ve finished editing and the MixConsole reappears.