Key command or macro to place specific audio file

In a lot of my regular work I need regularly place a bunch of different transition sound effects on the time line. Is there a key command or macro that would allow me to place a specific audio file at the cursor position on the selected audio track? I could then assign keys to each of the dozen or so transitions rather than having to pull them out of the media bay each time. It wouldn’t be a huge time saver but it would speed things up a bit.


Not as such, but as this is Nuendo…

Name the needed effects uniquely so they can be selected by name “#%#screamingcow.wav”
Now you can use project logical editor to first store current position and selected track (not straightforward but possible also using PLE) then select the file based on its unique name with a PLE script. Copy to the previously stored position and track and paste. After paste run another PLE script that removes the “#%#” in the file name so you always only have one file with that description.

So this IS possible but dealing with the PLE scripts and the macro limitations may or may not make it worth your while.
If it’s a series like a cartoon comic with recurring sounds through many episodes it might be worth it.

Otherwise probably not.

A simpler solution is to use a third party program to do it for you. Import audio and then run a script that drag and drop the needed file into the import audio selection box.

Neither of my suggestions are slick or obvious but yes it can be done if you figure out a workflow for exactly what you want to do and why.

Cheers for the reply. I guess I was asking the wrong question, it should have been ‘has anyone done this and if so can I pinch your macro’. I think the time to figure it out will more than I will save but maybe one day when I need to look busy I’ll give it a go.