Key Command or Macro to Select and Copy track name

Hi everyone.

I am making a Macro that needs to be able to Select the current Track Name (or Channel Name) and copy it into the buffer so that I can paste it elsewhere later on in the Macro.
I have used the HTML script that displays the “Key Commands.XML” file (which works awesomely by the way) but just don’t see a way to do this.
I don’t see a “Select Channel Name”, or “Select Track Name”, or anything similar.

Does anyone know of a way to do this using Key Commands or Macro’s?

Thank you,

If you have Cubase Pro

The PLE may not work exactly as you’d like it to, but, on the other hand, if you work with it as it actually does work, you may get some acceptable results.


I believe the PLE isn’t going to help you here but there is a way to do what you need.

  1. Create a new macro and then add these commands…
  2. Edit->Rename First Selected Track (this will highlight the track name)
  3. Edit->Copy
  4. Focus->Escape (I like to do this as it deselects the track name after having copied it into the buffer)
    (other commands go here)
  5. Edit->Paste

NB, if Edit->Rename First Selected Track is the first command in your macro it introduces a nasty bug in Cubase whereby you cannot then click on the ‘Edit’ option in the top menu. To get round this I usually stick a dummy Edit->Copy command in the macro first like this…

Edit->Rename First Selected Track

No idea what that bug is all about but this does seem to get round it.