Key Command Poll

This poll is postponed for now. I will try to come up with a better process to collect the ideas. Thanks

Since there are a lot of requests for additional key commands I would like to collect all of them in this thread and create a poll to find out about your priorities.

I will create a poll with the first 50 key commands that will be added as a reply to this topic by the community and you will then be able to vote or rate your top ideas.

Here are the rules:

  1. One Key Command per comment
  2. 10 words max for the description. Keep it simple.
  3. Please don’t post duplicates.
  4. Please focus on your priorities and don’t go crazy.
  5. Please keep it positive.

As soon as there are 50 comments in here, I will lock the topic, post the link to the poll and you can start voting. Of course the results will be made public in the forum.

Snap On and Snap Off. ie. not a toggle switch. [KEYCOMMAND]

Volume up and volume down for the internal metronome, so that I can control the volume with key commands or with a controller other than cc121

Shortcut for “open/close all inserts as group” [KEYCOMMAND] (currently you can do that with SHIFT+ALT+ STRG + mouse click on the “e” Button…)
Hint: the same shortcut for close this plugin group!

Recording Shortcut for “Pre Roll only when record!” = Recording + Pre Roll. (but after then: the normal Play Mode automatically switched to “play without Pre Roll”)

Key Command for: “Direct Monitoring ON/OFF” ! (DEVICE SETUP)

Thank you for conducting this survey! :slight_smile:

[KEYCOMMAND] Lower or raise value of selected “points” as in automation or tempo track.

So, you select a bunch of automation points and you can change their value without going to the info line. You could also offer different magnitudes

Individual dedicated commands for select tools and curve tools.

Key command for the yet to be implemented linking of track cc data drawing…

add more Key Commands for “Zoom Cycle Marker __” (currently in this we have Marker 1-9… of course it´s not enough)

would like to have a bunch of Key Commands for the > Arranger Track: “jump directly to Arranger Part__”) Then it´s like Ableton Live´s workflow !! :smiley:

a Key Command for: “set Cycle Markers for all selected Events!” (Timesaver!!)

a simple Key Command for: “Duplicate Selected Tracks without Data” (currently we have a Macro for this… not the best solution.)

Key Command: Assignable Key Bindings for each Media Browser View.

Example: Alt+Shif+E can be assigned to open the Effects tab of the Media Browser. Alt+Shift+I could be assigned to open the Insruments tab of the media browser. Etc.

Key Command: Expand/Collapse all folders in Media Browser views.

Example: I’m browsing for VST Effects and many folders are open; I want to quickly collapse them all at once. Alt+Up can be assigned to collapse all folders in the view. All+Down can be assigned to expand all folders.

Key Command: “Lock/Unlock Objects”!! (currently we have only “mute/unmute Objects” or “lock track”…)