Key Command Poll

“Grid Relative” momentary key when dragging/copying audio or midi events - Tool Modifier

Control Room Volume reset to 0db - Key Command

Control Room - Select Control Room Source Mix, C1, C2, C3, C4 (not cycle)

Key Command: Show/Hide specific Controller Lanes 1-8.
Modulation (Controller Lane 1)
Expression (Controller Lane 2)
Pan (Controller Lane 3)
Main Volume (Controller Lane 4)

Assign key modifiers to generic remotes.

Individual Key Commands: Edit- Snap On/Snap Off

Key Commands for opening tabs in Channel Settings.
Show Sends Panning
Show Sends Destinations
Show Channel Strip
Show Equalizer

[KEY COMMAND] Add Track From Track Presets Favourites 1-8.
Halion (Preset 1)
Retrologue (Preset 2)
Groove Agent (Preset 3)
Prologue (Preset 4)

[KEY COMMAND] Add Inserts From Inserts Favourites 1-8 to Selected Track(s).
Brickwall Limiter (Preset 1)
CurveEQ (Preset 2)
Studio Chorus (Preset 3)
RoomWorks (Preset 4)

Suspend (1 / 3 / 5) seconds set of commands for macros running (an alternative : a Suspend / Resume one, for which the macro would wait for a key press to continue the process).

Here is an actual user case in which it would have been useful :

[KEYCOMMAND] Toggle between MixConsole and ProjectWindow (F3 is not a solution)

[KEYCOMMAND]s Global vertical/horizontal zoom for ProjectWindow independently of actual focus

[KEYCOMMAND] Glue selected regions, notes

[KEYCOMMAND] Quick Controls - “Learn” (on/off toggle)

Key Command to open the desired ARA Extension, e.g. Melodyne, SpectralLayers Pro 6

[KEY COMMAND] Add Automation Lane From Automation Lane Favourites 1-8 To Selected Track(s)
Modulation (Preset 1)
Expression (Preset 2)
Pan (Prestet 3)
Main Volume (Preset 4)

Assign key modifiers to generic remotes.

[KEY COMMAND] Hide Tracks without data

[key command] open arranger editor

Key command to add a specific plugin or instrument, this could also work for track/fx chain user presets.